e shtunë, 11 gusht 2007

James Summary (Chapter 3)

The following are points of emphasis from our study of the Book of James (Chapter 3):

1. False teachers will receive a strict judgment.
2. Teachers of the truth will receive reward.
3. The human condition brings about stumbling (offending God).
4. The spiritually mature are able to control their tongue.
5. Like fire, sinful words spread rapidly.
6. Like smoke, sinful words bring collateral damage.
7. Only God can tame the tongue.
8. The tongue evidences sinful hypocrisy, both blessing and cursing.
9. Taming the tongue thwarts this hypocrisy.
10. Wisdom and understanding must be shown by good conduct.
11. Good conduct flows from meekness (gentleness) rather than from arrogance.
12. Arrogance produces bitter envy and a resentful attitude toward others.
13. The seeking of self interest produces strife.
14. Wisdom that is self-centered is not from God.
15. Wisdom that is self-centered creates selfish ambition.
16. Wisdom that is self-centered is not enduring.
17. Wisdom that is self-centered proves worthless.
18. Wisdom that is God-centered is evidenced by action that is --
a. Pure (spiritual integrity);
b. Peaceable (peace promoting);
c. Gentle (sweet reasonableness; patient humility);
d. Yielding (obedience to God's standards);
e. Merciful (compassion; empathy; forgiveness); and
f. Impartial (unwavering in commitment and conviction, done without distinction).
19. Salvation results in good works.
20. Righteousness flourishes in the climate of spiritual peace.