e enjte, 9 gusht 2007

James: Summary (Chapter 2)

The following are points of emphasis from our study of the Book of James (Chapter 2):

1. God is impartial as He deals with His children.
2. Man tends to be partial in dealings with each other.
3. Do not show favoritism (partiality) to the rich or powerful.
4. Do not shun the poor and common.
5. Show love to your neighbor, no matter their circumstance.
6. Assist in the physical health and spiritual well being of your neighbor.
7. Continual catering to the rich and powerful is sin.
8. God is merciful to sinners (the spiritually poor).
9. Show mercy to the poor around you.
10. A child of God that is characterized by mercy is ready for the judgment.
11. One can claim faith without having faith.
12. A mere intellectual claim of faith is not saving faith.
13. Faith without works is a dead faith.
14. The only possible evidence of true faith is works.
15. A living faith, a faith that works, is a saving faith.
16. Justification is by grace alone through faith alone.
17. Such saving faith is evidenced by the works of the faithful.
18. A mature faith is demonstrated by a righteous life.
19. A righteous life is demonstrated by righteous works.
20. A dead faith is demonstrated by a lack of righteousness.