e mërkurë, 8 gusht 2007

James: Summary (Chapter 1)

The following are points of emphasis from our study of the Book of James (Chapter 1):

1. Trials are beneficial, so face them with joy.
2. The testing of faith produces endurance.
3. Enduring a test brings strength.
4. Responding wrongly to a test leads to temptation.
5. The testing of faith produces a stable, godly and righteous character.
6. Ask God for wisdom, which is revealed through His Word.
7. Doubting God divides the man and leaves him unsettled.
8. Do not boast in privilege or possession, which are fleeting.
9. Genuine contentment is derived from God's grace, which is enduring.
10. Enduring the trial is indicative of genuine faith.
11. A trial either can strengthen through obedience, or can tempt through disobedience.
12. God does not tempt.
13. God is holy, and has no capacity for evil.
14. God purposes trials.
15. God allows temptations within trials.
16. God does not allow trial and temptation beyond the believer's endurance.
17. Fallen man lusts after the desires of the temptation.
18. Sin, like man, is conceived, born, matures and marches to death.
19. Blame self for sin, and do not blame God.
20. God's grace is a perfect gift from above.
21. God is changeless.
22. The new life granted the believer (regeneration) finds its source in God's sovereign will.
23. Believers are to pursue God's word.
24. Preaching or teaching God's word is no casual undertaking.
25. Sin impedes spiritual hearing (the picture is ear wax).
26. One whom merely hears the word, without action, makes a grave miscalculation.
27. Act promptly after hearing God's word.
28. Purity of heart is revealed by purity of speech.
29. Our Father's love is pure and sacrificial.
30. Our love must be compassionate (taking care of widows and orphans is the example).