e enjte, 17 janar 2008

Isaiah 27:1

In that day the LORD with His severe sword, great and strong,
Will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent,
Leviathan that twisted serpent;
And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea.

Journal: This is an interesting verse. What is "that day?" It is the day of the Lord's wrath. It is the same wrath from which Noah was granted protection in the ark, from which the Israelites were granted a passover from the destroying angel, and concerning which Christ bore on the cross as the Father turned away from the spectacle. Here, it is the coming wrath of Babylon for Judah and the coming wrath of final judgment for creation. The "Leviathan" is a description of a mythical sea monster, similar to Satan being described as a "dragon" in the Book of Revelation. The Leviathan equates to the enemies of God. While the metaphor is mythical, the outcome is certain. Those in enmity toward God will flee, but the rebellious cannot hide from destruction. One is to weep over the destruction of the rebellious, even as one is joyful that the character of God is illuminated in the destruction.

Heard 'Round the House:

Jill was out of town for three days last week and, in her absence, I was both dad and mom to the seven little Spicers. On the last day, Song summarized our LONG weekend as follows:

Song [age nine]: "Daddy, it seems really weird that you are the one that is stressed out. Usually, it's mommy that is stressed and you are all calm and everything. But, since mommy's been gone, you've been really stressed it seems like."

Daddy: Really?

Song: Oh, and Daddy, don't think that we can't tell when you are stressed out, because we can really tell . . .

Note: I failed to mention to Song that there are perhaps seven common denominators to the stress level of mommy and daddy.